World Religions

Witnessing to different world religions means gaining an understanding of those beliefs and worldviews, which inform how witnesses should share the Gospel.

Basic Witnessing

Basic witnessing addresses how to witness in a general sense. It focuses on an approach to witnessing that can be used in a variety of settings.

Cradle Roll

Cradle Roll is a ministry for the families of infants and toddlers following their baptism. Resources and encouragement are regularly sent to parents.

Worship Planning

These resources, linked to the one-year or three-year lectionary series used in the LCMS, are designed to aid in Worship planning.

Seasonal Resources

These seasonal worship resources are offered by the LCMS to help us enter into the particular joys of the different seasons of the Church Year.

Children in Worship

Resources to help congregations provide younger members with a better understanding of the encounter we have with Christ through the Divine Service.

Personal Finances

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University is the gold standard for sound personal finance. The LCMS provides a guide for using it in Lutheran congregations.