Assimilation & Incorporation

Photo by Erik M. Lunsford/The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.

What a joy it is when new members join your congregation! But how do we make sure that they are connected to the life of the congregation, get active, and support the ministry faithfully? These resources will help you teach new members (as well as lifelong members!) about their vocation as faithful members of Christ and the local congregation.


Resources Available

StewardCAST Newsletter for Leaders

A-Z Stewardship Guide, Bible Studies, tips, etc.

The LCMS Stewardship Ministry A-Z resource collection includes some items that are important for every pastor and stewardship committee to consider, and it includes items that are tailored to specific settings.

Stewardship Under the Cross – How to Guide

Stewardship Under the Cross: Stewardship for the Confessional Lutheran Parish was written by the Rev. Heath Curtis, the coordinator of LCMS Stewardship Ministry. “What you’ll get in this book is the experience and advice of one pastor struggling to remain faithful to God’s Word while leading his parish through a rough financial patch,” Curtis writes.

Weekly Bulletin Blurbs and Monthly Newsletter Articles

LCMS Stewardship Ministry provides bulletin blurbs and newsletter articles to use in church publications.

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