Planting Multi-Ethnic Congregations

Church planting is one of the most effective means of reaching the lost, and this includes immigrants and refugees. We are called to make disciples of all nations. There were 35 million immigrants to the US from 1780 to 1924. These were predominately Europeans (protestants) moving to the Americas for religious freedom. However, the same number of immigrants from non-European nations has immigrated to the US in a 35-year period as those from Europe in a 250-year period. It is estimated that by 2050, every major port city in America will be at least 60% non-Anglo. This means there will be no ethnic majority in the United States.


Resources Available

Resources for planting a multi-ethnic church focus on ethnic ministry that is centered around Word & Sacrament. This typically involves connecting to immigrant and refugee populations using mercy and education as a means of outreach. The primary resource is the Mission Field: USA guidebook with its companion e-learning resource. The guidebook includes both the foundational theological understanding of Lutheran missions along with the practical steps needed for starting a new congregation.

Mission Field: USA Guidebook (e-book format)

Mission Field: USA Guidebook (print)

Mission Field: USA e-learning Resource

Mission Field: USA Intro Video, “Why Are We Planting Churches in the U.S.?”

Mission Field: USA Podcasts

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