Planting Daughter Congregations

Church planting is one of the most effective means of reaching the lost. And yet, only a small percentage of churches daughter new congregations. Starting a daughter congregation involves developing a new core group that reaches out into its community through witness and mercy. A new group is defined as a gathering of people who come together on a regular basis to worship and study the Bible. The group intends to grow into a member LCMS congregation.


Resources for Planting Daughter Congregations

Resources for planting a daughter church focus on recruiting and equipping a core group in order to build a life together around Word & Sacrament ministry. Planting daughter churches also involves strategic planning and administrative tasks. The primary resource is the Mission Field: USA guidebook with its companion e-learning resource. The guidebook includes both the foundational theological understanding of Lutheran missions along with the practical steps needed for starting a new congregation.

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