Cradle Roll

Cradle Roll is a ministry for the families of infants and toddlers following their baptism. During the first three years of a child’s life, resources and encouragement are sent to parents on a regular schedule. This can include Bible story books, information about the child’s spiritual, emotional, and physical development, and music. The support of these parents in the early years is critical. Cradle Roll can provide not only resources but supportive, Christ-centered community with other parents with children the same age or older mentoring parents.


Resources Available

Nursery Roll Packet – Enduring Faith Beginnings

This packet by Concordia Publishing House provides a variety of resources for new parents to share the love of Jesus with their child from birth through the first three years of their life.

Included in this packet:

  • 3 parent booklets
  • Baptism booklets—one for parents and one for sponsors
  • 5 children’s books
  • 3 birthday cards and envelopes
  • 3 Baptism birthday cards and envelopes

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