Basic Witnessing

Witnessing can take place at any time in just about any situation. Sometimes it is planned and other times it is spontaneous. It may involve someone you know very well or someone you’ve recently met. Basic witnessing addresses how to witness in a general sense. It focuses on an approach to witnessing that can be used in a variety of settings.


Resources for Basic Witnessing

Basic witnessing resources focus on equipping people for witnessing in a general way. The primary resource is the Every One His Witness core module kit. This kit provides the materials needed to conduct a six-session workshop for 12 participants. The focus of the workshop is on teaching participants the LASSIE (Listen-Ask-Seek-Share-Invite-Encourage) approach to witnessing. LASSIE is a relational, contextual approach to engaging the people we already know in conversations that provide us opportunities to speak about Jesus.

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