Sunday School

Regardless of size or context, Sunday School can be a valuable cornerstone of your congregation’s Christian Education program.

Personal Stewardship

The key to understanding your personal stewardship in a Biblical manner is to understand where stewardship belongs within the Christian message: as one aspect of the doctrine of vocation.


Building partnerships with those God has placed around us better equips us to share the Gospel and carry out the good works He has prepared for us to do.

Human Care

By witnessing to the hope of salvation, we offer the answer to life’s biggest questions. In sharing that hope, we should not deny the need for human care.


“Unchurched” refers to those who have never been connected to the Christian church. We are called to witness to the unchurched people in our lives.


“Dechurched” refers to those who were once connected to the church but are not any longer. We are called to witness to the dechurched people in our lives.