Miscellaneous Bible Studies

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” -Psalm 119:105. These Bible studies for adults fit under a wide variety of categories and can be done in various settings.

Resources for DCEs

Director of Christian Education (DCE) are Synodically certified, Called and Commissioned lifespan educational leaders prepared for team ministry in a congregational setting.

Couples’ Ministry

Couples’ ministry should seek to encourage couples to pursue a relationship pleasing to God. This ministry area also aims to encourage couples who already entered marriage and wish to grow even more.

Human Care

By witnessing to the hope of salvation, we offer the answer to life’s biggest questions. In sharing that hope, we should not deny the need for human care.


“Unchurched” refers to those who have never been connected to the Christian church. We are called to witness to the unchurched people in our lives.


“Dechurched” refers to those who were once connected to the church but are not any longer. We are called to witness to the dechurched people in our lives.

World Religions

Witnessing to different world religions means gaining an understanding of those beliefs and worldviews, which inform how witnesses should share the Gospel.

Family Altar

Central to every Christian home is the Word of God and the fruit it bears in song, prayer and conversation. God grant that these and other resources help you to find fruitful and joyful patterns for your own household’s “family altar.”

Worship Resources

These resources seek to develop and deepen an understanding and love for the Lutheran heritage in Christian worship, and promotes the Lutheran Service Book as the core worship resource for the LCMS while also identifying and encouraging the many musical treasures and gifts that the Holy Spirit continues to pour upon the church.