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Photo by Erik M. Lunsford/The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.

Director of Christian Education (DCE) are Synodically certified, Called and Commissioned lifespan educational leaders prepared for team ministry in a congregational setting. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, DCEs plan, administer, and assess ministry that nurtures and equips people in the Body of Christ for spiritual maturity, service, and witness in home, job, congregation, community and the world. DCEs have served in LCMS congregations for more than 60 years and are trained at many of the Concordia Colleges and Universities.  

DCEs are trained to care for Christian education from cradle to grave and can serve in a variety of different congregations. DCEs often have a different set of responsibilities and foci from one another, from children’s ministry, family ministry, youth ministry, adult education, music and more. Even with unique roles, DCE often look to each other for supports and resources in their role. The primary way this is done is through a professional organization, National Association of Directors of Christian Education. There are also connections that can be made through Districts and local areas.  


Resources Available

National Association of Directors of Christian Education 

The MISSION of NADCE is to support and promote Christian Education by providing advocacy, professional connections, and resources for Directors of Christian Education. NADCE is the professional organization for Directors of Christian Education in The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod and other church professionals who are responsible for the faith formation of children, youth and adults, and are serving in local parishes, districts, universities, and other ministry settings. 


YouthESource holds a variety of resources for youth leaders. There are articles, Bible studies, devotions and other supports for those caring for young people.  

The Coffee Hour – How Directors of Christian Education Serve the Church Today 

NADCE Board Members Thad Warren, Shelli Haynes, and Emily Phoenix join Andy and Sarah to talk about where Directors of Christian Education serve today, the process of DCE formation, and how DCEs serve with pastors and other church workers. 

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