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Nonchurched refers to a person who is not currently connected to a Christian church. Some nonchurched people are dechurched, meaning they were connected to a Christian church but are not any longer. Other nonchurched people are unchurched, meaning they have never been connected to a Christian church.

We are called to bear witness to the nonchurched people whom we meet through our different vocations. Our vocations are our everyday, God-given life circumstances, including our family, job, neighborhood, and church community. The nonchurched people in our lives, both dechurched and unchurched, need to hear God’s word, and we have been placed in their lives by God to bear witness to His saving grace!


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As with witnessing in any context, witnessing to a person who is unchurched first requires developing a real, authentic relationship with that person. Having never been connected to the Christian church, there is an extra layer of unfamiliarity added to this context.

Witnessing to people who are nonchurched means sharing the faith in an open, inviting, and non-threatening way so they feel welcomed into the Christian community and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, can grow in their faith.

The Every One His Witness Context Modules will specifically address witnessing to people who are unchurched.

Modules planned include:

  • The “Nones”
  • Deists
  • Agnostics
  • Atheists
  • “Spiritual, not religious”

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