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“The living and unborn are persons in the sight of God from the time of conception. Since abortion takes a human life, it is not a moral option except to prevent the death of another person, the mother.” (Luther’s Small Catechism, 2006.)  

God creates every child and desires them to live. Abortion and infanticide seek to end the lives of born or newly born children. As Christians, we seek to uphold the sanctity of unborn life, work to end abortion, and support abortion-vulnerable women through their pregnancies, showing them the love and mercy of Christ. With abortion being such a divisive topic in our culture, it is important to act out of love for the vulnerable and show mercy to those who are post-abortive. The resources provided enable congregations to interact with their community and strengthen their support systems to better serve those who are at risk for abortions, the children these mothers carry, and those who live with the grief and guilt of having an abortion while upholding marriage and the family as God designed.  


Resources Available

LCMS Life Library  

The LCMS Life Library is a collection of papers, articles and information on life issues.  These free resources were chosen for their insight on certain topics and to benefit your research. However, due to the variety of sources, not all of the views expressed are necessarily those of the LCMS. Please read with discretion and discuss any questions with your pastor. 

Friends for Life podcast 

We believe that God is the author and sustainer of all life. We also know it can be hard to speak about the intrinsic value of that life when it feels like the world is trying to drown us out. 

We’re right here beside you. In this podcast of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s Life Ministry, we’re coming alongside one another as a community of Christ’s redeemed people, ones who are speaking up for and living out the sanctity of human life. Together we’ll explore life issues in a way that honors our heavenly Father’s value of human life, serves our neighbor, and connects us to others who are doing the same. Join us, so that together we can be friends for life. 

A Biblical Response to Abortion

Available from CPH, this series offers brief and easy-to-read summaries of important cultural topics for people who want to know what God’s Holy Word says about cultural issues that touch our lives.

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