Life Events/Issues

Life happens. Sinful, messy, broken life happens. And even when it does, Jesus, while he comes to address our brokenness, does not come because of our brokenness. He comes because of his love and compassion for us. Experiencing life events or issues, such as divorce, gender confusion, or a health crisis do not make us a “problem” to be dealt with—they make us an example of God’s great love because He shows that He still wants to have to do with us in our broken state.


Resources for Witnessing to People Experiencing Life Events/Issues

Witnessing to people experiencing life events or issues means extending the same love and compassion that Jesus extends to us. We meet them where they’re at and show them we want to have to do with them, regardless of their circumstance.

The Every One His Witness Context Modules will specifically address witnessing to people who are experiencing different life events or issues.

Modules planned include:

  • Divorce
  • Parenting Concerns
  • Property Loss
  • Health Crisis
  • Birth of Child
  • Miscarriage/Stillborn Child
  • Marriage
  • Unemployment
  • Morning a Suicide
  • Gender confusion
  • Retirement
  • Crisis Pregnancy
  • “Social Justice Warriors”
  • Veterans

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