Building Partnerships

It can be tempting to approach ministry work as a ‘lone ranger,’ closing ourselves off to the help and support of other church workers, congregations, and the community around us. But we are not meant to do it alone; working together as the Body of Christ, building partnerships with those God has placed around us better equips us to share the Gospel and carry out the good work He has prepared for us to do in this time and in this place.


Resources Available

Rural and Small-Town Mission Webinar: Building Partnerships

The Rev. Todd Kollbaum, Director of LCMS Rural and Small-Town Mission, presents a 60-minute webinar addressing the importance of congregations building partnerships, both with other congregations and their community, to work toward a shared interest of sharing the Gospel. 

Rural and Small-Town Mission Webinar: Working Partnerships: Dual and Multi Parishes

The Rev. Rich Boring presents a 60-minute webinar, hosted by LCMS Rural and Small-Town Mission, on the logistics and purpose of dual and multi-parish partnerships: To continue building up the Body of Christ and be Light and Salt of the Earth.

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