Assessing the Congregation

As the starting point to the Re:Vitality program, The Congregational Assessment of Development/Decline Status (CADDS) is a survey-based self-assessment tool designed to provide your congregation with a consistent and objective way of answering the question: “Where are we… really?” CADDS is simple, straightforward and nonintrusive. It does not require anyone from outside the congregation to assist in the assessment. Instead, CADDS relies on input from the people who know your congregation and context better than anyone else: you.


Resources Available

CADDS Quick Guide

The CADDS Quick Guide provides an overview of the survey, including its format, critical measures, the CADDS report, and how to begin the process of using CADDS for your congregation.

Email LCMS Witness & Outreach and Revitalization

For more information or to get started with the CADDS survey, email Surveys run for a three-week period starting the second Sunday of each month.

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