Spiritual Care

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Spiritual care applies to all people in all circumstances. While the term generally is used to address the spiritual wounds caused by suffering, spiritual care is provided throughout all life circumstances. The Lutheran Confessions give us a strong understanding of suffering which enables us to better care for the spiritually oppressed. Spiritual care is the ongoing upkeep of the Christian life. Resources for the care of souls proves invaluable to pastors and church workers alike. As Christians, every believer has the joy for caring for those weak or struggling in spirit or faith. Strengthened by the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ for all people, the Church faithfully cares for her members providing the encouragement and support of spiritual care providers and resources.  

There is also great need to attend to the spiritual wellbeing of those who faithfully serve the Church such as pastors and other church workers. For congregations looking to serve and care for their church workers, the resources provided enable for the consistent, intentional, and loving care of the faithful laborers of our Church.  


Resources Available

Life Library – Suffering

This collection of articles deals with suffering with a firm Lutheran understanding of the Theology of the Cross. We are not left alone in our suffering but rather, our God is with us even in suffering.  

Spiritual Care Companion for Times of Disaster

This devotional booklet is provided by LCMS Disaster Response. It includes Bible passages, meditations, prayers and hymns to bring God’s comfort and peace during a crisis. 

KFUO Spiritual Care Podcasts

Here are archived recordings of topics relating to spiritual care, mental health and Doxology by LCMS podcasts and KFUO radio. 

The Vocation of Every Christian: Life in Christ as a Holy Calling

This essay by Jacob A.O. Preus III explores the Christian life as a calling from God. 

Mercy and the Lutheran Congregation

A translation of the essay “Intentional Care of the Poor and the Sick Is Essential for the
Well-being of a Christian Congregation”

Walther on Mercy

Selections on the Pastoral Office, the Congregation and the Church’s Corporate Diakonic Life.

Resources for Hospital and Sick Calls 

Available from CPH, this kit is contained in an imprinted vinyl cover with 2 pockets. Material includes 2 each of 8 tracts and 2 laminated, reusable order-of-service cards.


Available from CPH, this book is carefully designed to put immediately useful resources into the glove compartment, briefcase, or pocket of healthcare workers, deaconesses, pastors, and all those who visit distressed, sick, and suffering Christians.

Finding Hope: From Brokeness to Restoration

Available from CPH, this book will give you the tools to identify your story and see God’s hope amidst the mess of life. Join author Heidi Goehmann on this journey to unveil brokenness together for God’s healing.

Take Heart: God’s Comfort for Anxious Thoughts

Available from CPH, this Bible study teaches that even with the power of God’s grace, overcoming anxious thoughts is not as simple of praying enough or having enough faith. Instead, the struggle can be a training ground for spiritual growth. His power is made perfect in weakness.

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