Human Care Ministries

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Human Care Ministries are those ministries that seek to serve the bodily as well as the spiritual needs of hurting people. Human Care Ministries focus on a variety of ministry areas from homeless, substance abuse, and domestic violence to areas of devotional life and vocation. These ministries seek to bring the hurting to Christ Jesus and share with them the comfort and forgiveness we have in Him.  


Resources Available

Mercy Work

This is the landing page for all mercy work within the LCMS. There are articles available as well as links to other specific ministry area pages.   

Theology for Mercy 

A booklet that studies the theology for mercy. Love, care and concern for those in need are actions motivated by the Gospel when faith apprehends the righteousness of Christ and His merits unto eternal life. 

The Church’s Role of Mercy in the Community

A booklet by LCMS president Matthew C. Harrison that discusses the church’s role of mercy in the community. 

Life Library- Vocation 

The Life Library on Vocation provides articles about how we live as Christians, towards our fellow believers and all whom we meet.  

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