Homebound Members

Photo by Erik M. Lunsford/The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.

Homebound congregational members are people who are not able to be physically present in the church sanctuary for worship services. They may be living at home, with a friend or loved one, or a resident in a care facility. The desires for involvement in the life of the church can vary significantly among homebound members. Some may wish to be frequently in contact with many brothers and sisters in Christ while others may only want pastoral visits and written correspondence with congregation members. Some might feel quite private about their living circumstances and capabilities, while others may open their doors to entertain a wide variety of callers. Pastors, church workers and lay people alike may serve their brothers and sisters in Christ who are homebound by visiting and sharing God’s gifts.


Resources Available

LCMS Life Library: Articles on Suffering

The LCMS Life Library is a collection of papers, articles and information on life issues.  These free resources were chosen for their insight on certain topics and to benefit your research. However, due to the variety of sources, not all of the views expressed are necessarily those of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. Please read with discretion and discuss any questions with your pastor.

The Body of Christ Bible Study

This Bible study, created by the LCMS Disability Task Force, is focused on the gifts and abilities of all people in the Body of Christ.

Worship Anew

Worship Anew is a Recognized Service Organization of the LCMS.  Worship Anew produces a national weekly video program that ministers to the homebound, nursing care centers, the hospitalized and those recovering from illness.

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