Strategic Planning

Strategic planning provides congregations with a process and tools for developing a realistic and executable Strategic Ministry Plan. Unlike secular strategic planning which starts with a human leader’s vision for the organization, strategic planning for congregations focuses on working collectively to discerning the Lord’s vision, purpose, and mission for the congregation in its present context.

The LCMS Office of National Mission provides the re:Vitality module “Serving in God’s Mission” (SGM) to LCMS congregations for equipping leaders and members to develop an effective Strategic Ministry Plan.

SGM uses a consensus-based approach to strategic planning that involves the entire congregation in the planning process through the spiral development of the Strategic Ministry Plan. SGM makes use of familiar strategic planning tools (e.g., resource inventory, SWOT analysis, SMART goals) in a process tailored for Lutheran congregations.

SGM resources are available to LCMS congregations at no cost from the LCMS Office of National Mission.


Resources Available

Serving in God’s Mission Quick Guide

This quick guide provides a brief overview of the “Serving in God’s Mission” (SGM) resource. SGM is focused on equipping congregational leaders and members for developing and implementing an executable Strategic Ministry Plan. In addition to providing information on the SGM module, the quick guide includes information on how to acquire SGM materials.

Rural and Small-Town Mission Webinar: The Value of Strategic Planning

The Rev. Todd Kollbaum, Director of LCMS Rural and Small-Town Mission, introduces the topic of strategic planning and its value in the church in this 60-minute webinar.

Rural and Small-Town Mission Webinar: Keeping the Ball Rolling with Strategic Planning

The Rev. Dr. Lee Hagan presents part two of a three-part series on strategic planning: Keeping the Ball Rolling with Strategic Planning.

Rural and Small-Town Mission Webinar: Follow Through with Strategic Planning

The Rev. Aaron Witt wraps up the discussion on strategic planning by addressing how to follow through once the ball is rolling.

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