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Photo by Erik M. Lunsford/The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.

A deaconess is a woman that is called to serve a congregation or institution as a servant in Christ, showing mercy as He has shown mercy to all people. Deaconesses have served the Christian Church since its inception, as is mentioned in the New Testament. As a church worker in the LCMS, a deaconess serves in a variety of roles, from spiritual care to teaching. The following resources assist in answering questions about the calling and employment of a deaconess as well as ways to support her in her ministry. Resources have also been compiled for deaconesses to use in their ministry to the people of God.  


Resources Available

Deaconess Ministry

The LCMS Deaconess Ministry page provides a brief overview of what Deaconess ministry is, its history within the LCMS, and provides further information about deaconesses and their formation.  

Deaconess Ministry Resources

The Deaconess Ministry Resources are a collection of reports, fact sheets, and other writings intended for congregations and deaconesses. 

Nurturing Lifelong Learners of God’s Word: 6 Discipleship Goals

Recorded as a session in the January 2022 Making Disciples for Life conference, this video presents a simple framework for understanding how teachers of the faith can nurture and cultivate lifelong learners of God’s Word.

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