Outreach Process and Tools

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The value of an outreach process is that it focuses people on being intentional about outreach. An effective outreach process facilitates identification of the actions that a congregation plans on taking when engaging nonchurched people through outreach events, activities, and ministries.  

It is important to recognize that there is not a single “correct” outreach process. There are many ways in which a congregation can systematically plan outreach efforts. Whichever outreach process a congregation uses, it should ensure that the outreach process is clear, concise, and takes the perspective of nonchurched people into consideration.


Resources Available

Connect To Disciple Quick Guide

This quick guide provides a brief overview of the “Connect To Disciple” (CTD) resource. CTD is focused on equipping congregational leaders and members for effective outreach. (CTD) uses a practical four-phased outreach process of “Build Awareness, Create Connections, Nurture Relationships, Make Disciples.” CTD also provides useful tools based on this four-phased outreach process. CTD materials are available to LCMS congregations at no cost.

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