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Outreach in today’s culture calls for us to be innovative and creative. The ways in which we engaged with the nonchurched people in our communities in the past might be very ineffective in our current contexts. One good source of ideas for effective outreach is to look at what other Lutheran congregations are doing and evaluating it to see how it might be used in your context.

One word of caution about using outreach ideas from other congregations: What works well in one context may not work well at all in another context. Borrowing ideas is fine, but those ideas need to be evaluated and, quite possibly, adapted for use in your congregation.

Keep these things in mind when considering outreach ideas from outside sources. Rather than seeing them as “off-the-shelf” solutions, use them for inspiration for your congregation’s outreach efforts.

Although the re:Vitality module “Connect To Disciple” (CTD) isn’t filled with specific outreach ideas, it does provide a framework for identifying, evaluating, and implementing outreach ideas. Using the CTD process and tools, a congregation can determine which outreach ideas (whether their own or from other sources) have the potential for being effective in their context.

CTD is available to LCMS congregations at no cost.


Resources Available

Connect To Disciple Quick Guide

This quick guide provides a brief overview of the “Connect To Disciple” (CTD) resource. CTD is focused on equipping congregational leaders and members for effective outreach. In addition to providing information on the CTD module, the quick guide includes information on how to acquire CTD materials.

Music Evangelism in Every Setting

Recorded as a session in the January 2021 Making Disciples for Life conference, this video features an innovative outreach program called “David’s Harp.” David’s Harp uses music instruction to engage nonchurched people and share the Word of God through sacred music.

Ideas for Outreach to Multicultural Neighbors

Recorded as a session in the January 2021 Making Disciples for Life conference, this video captures ideas for outreach focused on reaching the multicultural people who live in the congregation’s community.

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