Liturgical Catechesis

The liturgy of the Lutheran Church is in all its parts a prayed confession. That is, the longer one studies the texts and rationale behind how they are joined together in our liturgies, the deeper one comes to understand how every word and action of our worship is seeking to confess Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. In a series of podcasts through a partnership with Issues, Etc., Pastor Weedon explores the various liturgies of our Lutheran Service Book for the edification of those who use these liturgies in Worship.


Resources for Liturgical Catechesis

From the weekly Divine Service to the offices of prayer, from the liturgies of Baptism and Marriage to those of sickness, death, and burial, the services contained in Lutheran Service Book and in Lutheran Service Book Agenda provide rich fare for unpacking the way Christians live together in this world as the Body of Christ.

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