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Photo by Erik M. Lunsford/The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.

“Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness” (Psalm 96:9). The Lutheran Church proclaims the Word of Christ and His forgiveness richly not only in sermon and song, but also in artwork and adornment. While not every congregation has an Altar Guild so constituted, most are blessed with at least one faithful and selfless Christian who gives of his or her time to ensure that candles are trimmed, lamps are filled, vestments and paraments are pressed, and the vessels for Holy Communion are ready and fit for the saints to receive Christ’s true Body and Blood. Their aim is not a tyranny of fastidious rules; they simply devote themselves to the notion that Christ and His teaching ought to be confessed not only in what we say, but also what we do and see. In that effort, a little guidance and knowledge of our Lutheran heritage always helps, so that we not only know “what” or “how” we’ve always done it, but “why” we might well continue.


Resources Available

The Altar Guild Manual – Lutheran Service Book Edition

This helpful handbook will help those dedicated to providing a reverent worship space that demonstrates love and respect for God and His people gathered in His name.   

The Colors of the Liturgical Seasons

Color is everywhere. Color is God’s way of filling his world with beauty and giving pleasure to those who live in this colorful world. Christians, for centuries, have used color in divine worship to emphasize the redemptive action of God through his Son.

LCMS Worship – Movable Dates for Church Year

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