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As teens transition into adulthood, it is important for them to develop spiritual practices that they do on their own. Prayer, devotions and Bible studies are all important to be done corporately, in families and in small groups. There is also great value in spending time in these practices alone. No matter where teens will go now and next, their Baptismal identity makes them different than the world around them, light and salt in the world. While this identity as a Child of God can be a challenge in our culture, it is also a great comfort and joy. 

While individual study is good, it never replaces what God gives us as a community of believers. Young people should be encouraged to be in God’s Word and Sacrament given in worship as well as in group study. Young people will struggle with sin, guilt and self-justification.  It is through God’s good gifts to us that we receive and deeply understanding our forgiveness through Jesus’ death and resurrection. 

Bible studies and devotions help us to constantly be in God’s living Word. Scripture is not just another source of information but the source of God’s living Word to us. Technology provides many with instant access to information, ads, and data from the moment they wake up until they go to sleep. Teens (and adults!) need a lens through which to process and understand all the information given to them. Amongst all the voices and information, spending time with God in the Bible helps them to listen to Jesus’ voice above all the chatter. 


Resources Available

Youth Resources on YouthESource 

YouthESource is LCMS Youth Ministry’s resource website. Alongside resources for adult youth leaders and parents, there are Bible studies and devotions there specifically for youth to use. 

Words of Strength and Promise 

Each devotion is written by an author who has been through the problem and can help guide today’s youth through it. The fourteen authors in this book are at various stages of life, from young adults finishing college, to pastors who have seen people through all sorts of life issues. No matter the problem, and no matter the situation, this devotional is for all youth as a guidebook to how God wants them to live life.  

Teens Pray: Conversations with God 

This revision of a classic bestseller remains faithful to the invitation and command from God to pray—to share one’s thoughts and words, needs and desires, with their heavenly Father; to praise, give thanks, and seek forgiveness. This book’s 87 prayers helps stimulate Christian youth in their conversations with God and provides topical prayers, including prayers for forgiveness, patience, guidance, holidays and success in school.

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