Understanding their Baptismal Faith (Pre-Teens/Jr. High)

A deep understanding of baptismal faith is critical for youth in today’s changing world. Jesus’ death and resurrection must be central as pre-teens experience new learning, expanding questions, and increase their understanding of the fallen world.  Healthy youth ministry instills in youth the desire to understand and study God’s living Word.

The Confirmation process and additional personal and group Bible study help provide a lens through which to process and understand the information youth are confronted with every day. Youth ministry should encourage pre-teens to prioritize regular worship, scripture reading, prayer, and receiving the Lord’s Supper faithfully. God uses His Means of Grace to equip youth to faithfully live.  


Resources for Understanding Baptismal Faith

Resources help encourage and teach youth to:

  • live as forgiven sinners with the promise of eternal life through Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  • recognize the work of the Holy Spirit who brought them to faith, gathered them into God’s family, and works through them.
  • regularly worship, study the living and active Word of God, pray together, and receive the Lord’s Supper faithfully.

Resources Available

CPH Confirmation Courses

CPH Catechism

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