Supportive Adults (Pre-Teens/Jr. High)

In baptism, God brings us into His family full of supportive adults of many generations. While parents may be the most critical people in a youth’s faith life, other supportive adults can play a significant role in walking alongside youth. Congregations should seek to engage each youth with five long-term supportive adults. The role of supportive adult includes investing time to build relationships, being in regular and encouraging faithful worship, Bible study, and prayer. Some adults are around for just a season, and they can have a meaningful impact on teens. There is great benefit when congregations systematically connect adults with the right capacity to help maintain quality relationships over time.  The Junior High years, or Confirmation process, can be a natural time for this to happen.  Through the Holy Spirit, these adults provide stability and a safe place for speaking Law and Gospel at appropriate times.


Resources for Supportive Adults (Pre-Teens/Jr. High)

Resources encourage congregations, church workers, and church members to prioritize:

  • developing not just short term, but long-term relationships.
  • deliberate investment in youth and inter-generational relationships.
  • preparation for and response to celebration, transitions and crisis.
  • connecting every youth with at least 5 engaged adults.

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