Living Out Their Unique Vocation (Teens/High School)

Adolescence is a time when young people are discovering their identity and planning for what their life may bring. Vocation plays an important role in applying their faith and using their God-given gifts and skills. Vocation describes more than a job, but encompasses every way that God uses His people as His hands and feet. Youth have vocations in their home, church, community, school, the workplace and beyond. Over time, teens engage new opportunities and relationships allowing them to share the Gospel in a variety of growing vocational roles. Each stage and vocation can make a significant impact as youth locate their unique role in their communities and understand the satisfaction and joy in the Christian life.

The teaching and living out of vocation can help youth to see any contribution they make as an act and gift from God and connect them to the community of believers. Living out vocation encourages interaction across age gaps and with believers and non-believers alike. In these relationships, they can display warmth, challenge, and grace as shown to them by their congregation. Healthy congregations can be incubators for future church workers by providing support, encouragement, and foundational training to youth.


Resources for Living Out Their Unique Vocation

Resources help encourage and teach youth to:

  • understand their role as Christ’s hands and feet in their church, home, community, and other areas of vocation.
  • reach out to their neighbor in word and deed to love and share the Good News of Jesus.
  • serve and lead in their congregation and community.
  • seek to be warm, challenging and grace-filled to their community and peers.
  • pursue church work vocations as it fits their gifts and skills.

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