How to Do Family Devotions

Shutdowns as a result of the coronavirus pandemic have afforded many families more time at home to study God’s Word together. Here are some practical tips on starting (and maintaining) the habit of doing family devotions at home.


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Video: How to Do Family Devotions

Pastor Sean Daenzer, Director of Worship for The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and chaplain for the LCMS International Center, shares how to do family devotions at home. 

It’s a habit that is hard to form, and even easier to fall out of. But if we can improve our devotional life in times of necessity like this, we will be blessed far greater in our daily devotional life, even in times of plenty. 

Infographic: The Family Altar

God comes to us through His Word and Sacraments during worship at church, and then the family’s devotional life at home keeps its members connected to those gifts all week long. This routine creates a lifelong rhythm that helps keep kids in the faith throughout all stages of their lives.

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