Caring for People Outside the Church

In response to our Savior’s call to love our neighbors, congregations engage people with physical, psychological, or emotional needs by providing care in a variety of ways. These activities are generally referred to as mercy work or human care ministry. The mercy work of the congregation may address other needs, but is carried out with the desired intent to serve the spiritual needs of those whom we serve.


Resources for Caring for People Outside the Church

The resources for caring for people in our community who are not affiliated with our congregation fall into two broad categories: Human Care Ministries and Disaster Response. Human Care Ministries are focused on activities that address an on-going need in the community such as hunger, homelessness, lack of medical care, substance abuse, and domestic violence. Disaster Response is more focused on addressing a one-time situation in a community such as a flood, fire, tornado, or shooting incident.

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