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While there are many different paths after high school graduation, we know that 63% of those age 16-24 go onto enroll in colleges or universities. In Fall of 2020, 19.7 million students were projected to attend college and universities across the country. These students face countless challenges to their Biblical worldview, doctrine, ethics and practices. Campus ministry provides important care and support for students and points them often back to Jesus’ love and forgiveness.  

Campus ministry can be a part of a single congregation, a shared ministry between several local congregations, or supported as independent ministries through the District. In each case, these ministries look to form a support system of peers and adults that help keep them connected to worship, Bible study, prayer, and Christian community. Often campus ministry hosts regular Bible study and events that are open to many young people on campus.  

Students at colleges and universities have a variety of unique needs. They may be away from home for the first time and looking for a new congregation for worship. Or they may be remaining at home and unsure of what their new adult connection to the congregation may be. Students may be challenged by a variety of worldviews and a need to articulate their faith clearly and lovingly. Young people are often trying to navigate many life transitions as well including work/internships, serious romantic relationships and more.  

Campus ministry is designed to help connect students to God’s good gifts in worship, support in Christ-centered community, and care as they navigate change and challenge. Congregations and districts can have a lifelong impact on young people as they care for them in this time.  


Resources Available

The Student Union Podcast

The Student Union, hosted by Rev. Marcus Zill, is a podcast for college students and those in campus ministry.

LCMS U Chapter Map

On this page you can enroll an LCMS U Chapter and look for one as well.

Campus Ministry Resources

This page hosts resources for campus ministry that updates regularly.

College 101

College 101 is filled with practical advice on how Christian students can be preparing for the challenges of life on campus. Developed by college students, the words of advice and counsel are genuine, honest, and insightful. Based on the authors’ personal experience as students, friends, and active leaders in campus ministry, you discover a unique perspective on college and campus life that only Christian peers can provide. 

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